Honeybee coffee: a great way to start the morning

About this dish

  • Serves: 1
  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Method: espresso making

Learned at the coffee cart at UCSD.

The morning of Jan. 20, 2006, I wandered through the bookstore area at
UCSD, being on campus for a network meeting, but everything was closed. Too early for students here. That seemed odd; at other schools, the
bookstore opened at 8am, as did the surrounding area. I guess students
here just don’t go to that area unless it’s lunchtime or they have
something to protest ūüėČ

I stopped at the coffee cart for a latte. The two coeds there were just
setting up things, and while making my drink, talked about making
‘honeybees’. Since this wasn’t on the menu – and, more to the point,
involved lining an espresso cup with honey, I asked about it. They made
me one.

Basically, this is a macchiato sugar-shot. It may be the best breakfast drink ever ūüėČ


  • espresso coffee grounds –¬†enough to make two shots
  • ~1/4 cup milk –¬†any type that can “foam”
  • 1 tsp sugar –¬†turbinado or ‘raw’ is preferable
  • 1 tsp honey –¬†any type that would complement coffee


  • espresso machine
  • jug – for milk foaming
  • two espresso cups – one for prep, one for serving


Foam the milk.

Pull a single shot of espresso into prep cup. Add raw (turbinado) sugar and stir.

Pull another shot of espresso into prep cup.

Place the honey into the serving cup and roll the cup around to coat the bottom and sides (at least midway up).

Dump the sweetened double-shot into the serving cup.

Top the result with a teaspoon of milk foam and serve immediately.